Episode 40: Parents and High-School (REPOST)

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The last upload of this episode got cut off. So, here's the complete version. Sorry for the trouble!

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  1. NLucas
    http://gleefulpodcast.blogspot.com/2010/11/episode-40-parents-and-high-school_12.html?showComment=1289958043257#c5127064701501582486'> November 16, 2010 at 5:40 PM

    Writing, characters, and music aside, I would first like to give a big round of applause to the people behind Glee for having the courage to address such a poignant and applicable subject. Despite ones opinions on the show, bullying is something that has affected millions in one way or another and it has to be talked about. Like it or not, Glee has influence in our society. If this show can change just one life than it's better than most.

    For me one of the most shocking elements of the show was not the outright abuse of Kurt or the fact that his abuser was sexually confused himself, it was the fact that so many people saw what was happening and let it slide, including Mr. Schuester. I believe being a bystander to bullying is just as bad as being the bully yourself. The only way to curb ignorance is to call people out on their outright unacceptable behavior. Moral obligations aside, it's a teachers job to make sure that their students are in a safe environment. I think the writers are putting too much responsibility on the students and not enough on the teachers. Where is the guidance? Where is the support?

    When Mr. Schue sat Kurt in his office and pointed out how the bullying has affected him, instead of just changing the glee club assignment, he should have offered Kurt resources, called Dave into the principals office, or let Kurt know in some way that Karofsky's actions were unacceptable. He should have assured him that something was going to be done about it.

    Do the administrators at this school not have any authority? The principal spends more time worrying about budgeting for the cheerios or a winning football team then the safety of the students at the school. The only person that comes to Kurt's aid in this episode is Blaine.

    Ryan Murphy says this isn't the end of the bullying themed episodes on Glee and that the subject is going to reach multiple characters. I think if the writers don't make it a point in later episodes to show more action being done on the part of the administrators in the school, then the show will have done a disservice to its fans. People need to know that there are resources out there. Whether it be within your school, in your town, or on the internet, you don't just have to sit there and take it. If Glee is going to paint characters like Mr. Schue to be role models than they need to be role models in every sense. Kurt and the other characters should not only have the support of each other but of the support their teachers.



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