Listener Logan's Top 10 Brittany Quotes

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30: "So many lyrics..." (Laryngitis)
29: "Who's that guy?" (Laryngitis)
28: "A happy meal, no onions or a chicken" (Theatricality)
27: "Sometimes I add a spoonful of sand." (?)
26: "Sometimes I forget my last name..." (Hell-o)
25: "I didn't wear a bra, and I had them turn on the airconditioning" (Hell-0)
24: (To Kurt) "I've made out with every guy in the school but you because I thought you were capital-G gay, but now that I know you're not I'd like to make a perfect record." (Laryngitis)
23: Mr. Schuester: "Take it away, Brittany." Brittany: "Take what away?" (Hairography)
22: (Filming the glee club's dance routine) "Coach Sylvester didn't tell me to do this." (Hairography)
21: Rachel: "Where's Quinn?" "Probably down at the mall looking for elastic waist pants. (Vitamin D)
20: Mr. Shuester: "Who can tell me what a ballad is?" (Brittany) "A male duck"(Ballad)
19: "I don't know how to turn on a computer." (Bad Reputation)
18: "He barks at my mom." (Mattress)
17: "It's like cool epilepsy." (Hairography)
16: "So, Hairography. It works best when you pretend like you're getting tasered. So you just move your head around and pretend like you're spazzing and stuff." (Hairography)
15: "[Rachel] looks awful; I look awsome." (Theatirclity)
14: Artie: "I'm kinda getting cold feet" Brittany: "Can you even feel your feet?" (Bad Reputation)
13: Santana: "Sex isn't dating." Brittany: "If it were, Santana and I would be dating.: (Sectionals)
12: "[Emma] is the one they made me see when they found out I was keeping that bird in my locker" (Sectionals)
11: Santana: "Brittany, you're supposed to be in your wheelchair." Brittany: "I lost it." (Wheels)
10: "No... it's just most of us don't know how to bake. I find recipes confusing..." (Wheels)
9: "I bet the duck is in the hat." (Ballad)
8: "When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist." (?)
7: "Seriously, you're hands are as soft as a baby's. Now I know what it's like to date a baby." (Laryngitis)
6: Kurt: "[Finn] is cheating on a girl who thinks the square root of 4 is rainbows." (?)
5: "I think my cat has been reading my diary." (Home)
4: "We were seduced by the glitz and glamour of showbiz." (Hell-O)
3: "I've been here since first period. I had a cold and I took all my antibiotics at the same time, and now I can't remember how to leave. But I also don't know why I only made fourth on the Glist, I made out with, like, everyone in the school, girls, boys, Mr. Kidney the janitor. I need to do something to get into the top 3." (Bad Reputation)
2: Kurt: "[Lady GaGa] changes her look faster than Brit changes sexual partners." Brittany: "It's true." (Theatricality)
1: "Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" (Hell-O)

Thanks, Logan!
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  1. J-ho'> July 18, 2010 at 11:26 AM

    "Sometimes I add a spoonful of sand", is truly one of my favorites.
    This would be 'Brittany's Boost' to Sue Sylvester's Master Cleanse®: Water, Maple Syrup (for glucose), Lemon (for acid), Cayane Pepper (irritate the bowels), and a dash of Ipecac (a vomiting agent). Sue hasn't had a solid meal since 1987.


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