Glee is Back!!!!

Posted On 9/21/2010 09:56:00 PM by Edward |

Glee hath returned with a vengeance. Whether it was the self aware humor or the desperate desires of stardom from the diva of Rachel Berry, or the fantastically brilliant song and dance routines that we will be humming and tapping to all week; Glee has gotten it right once again. This episode felt just as satisfying as it did for Quinn when she put on that Cheerios uniform and climbed to the top of the pyramid where she belonged. At first I was sad for our lose of Couch Tanaka, but with the introduction of the biggest bad ass in Lima, Beiste, not only do I not care about Tanaka's emotional breakdown, I revel in it for the chance to even meet the epicness that is Beiste. Someone needed to play even with the likes of Sue and even with Shue and his full array of antics we knew that he was no match for the unstoppable deluge that is Sylvester. Beiste is the first character that is of an equal magnitude and tour-de-force to might the encroaching powers of Sue, likewise Sunny is the first real competition for Rachel. Yes, Mercedes can belt, yes Quinn can sing and show emotional range, but no one has ever even come close to delivering the emotional 1-2 punch that Rachel needs to show her, she isn't the best girl. Jesse was a strong competitor, but Rachel never saw him as an equal, for two reasons: he is male and there for in competition with Fin and he was never a true member of New Directions. But with Sunny you have a girl who Rachel is not emotional entangled with and thus can be a true competitor in her eyes. Fueled by emotions of insufficiency and nerves Rachel steered Sunny away, but I suspect that her rays of light will shine once again on New Directions in the upcoming episodes. This year's anthem "Empire State of Mind" is a seemingly far cry from the bombastic choruses of last year's "Don't Stop Believin'" but the message is just as relevant and the harmonies just as strong. Last year they believed they could build an empire and they did, this year, they want to prove that if that they can make it here, then you know what they can make it anywhere. OMGlee. Jazz Hands. Peace out. Ed.
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